Maurice WilsonInvestment Specialist

Maurice Wilson
Investment Specialist

Wilson Wealth Management

Maurice Wilson attended Benedict College for 2 years, balancing his time between pursuing a dual degree in physics and engineering, running track, and serving his community as a member of The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. After transferring to Tennessee State University and graduating, he began his engineering career in Detroit, MI. During this time he earned a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. 

“I soon knew that engineering wasn’t for me; but it wasn’t until I️ began investing in my 401(k) plan that I found my true calling – financial planning and investment management – discovering that through financial planning I could apply the problem solving methodologies learned in engineering. Every client portfolio represents an open-ended problem that can be solved in an infinite number of ways.The challenge lies in finding the optimal solution.”

In 2002, he moved back to the South to pursue his investment passion and build his own firm to help his friends, family, and eventually he began onboarding clients. Today, as both the President and an Advisor, he operates Wilson Wealth Management, Inc. applying many of the principles he learned in engineering. His intense devotion to his craft and his registered investment firm’s masterful ability to construct and manage portfolios makes the strategic partnership with L.I.F.E. ideal.