Larry Jamall KinardCommunity Organizer

Larry Jamall Kinard
Community Organizer

Executive Director - LNA

Larry Jamall Kinard is the founder of BCK, LLC and the Executive Director of the Lakewood Neighborhood Alliance. Kinard was one of only eight (8) educators nationwide that won the True Sports Grant through the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) with which he developed the Know UR Why summit to provide students with natural performance “highs” through quality decision making based on education, purposeful living and ethics.

After working with fellow community leaders to organize the Know UR Why summit as well as partnering with local communities, Kinard realized his purpose was to educate and empower residents about gentrification and wealth building potential through unity. He joined forces with the previously established non-profit organization, T.I.M.E. Foundation, to continue reaching into schools and elevating students as well. As the Executive Director of the Lakewood Neighborhood Alliance and with his extensive involvement in local programs, he works with The L.I.F.E. Group to help our firm build educational programs in neighborhoods throughout Charlotte, NC and find opportunities to advance initiatives around financial planning, insurance, real estate, and investing. Building communities and sowing positive seeds of hope are Kinard's passion and his life’s work.